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Games Systems, Inc. Fast Facts Theme: Let go of expectations and trust your instincts.

Astro Association: Uranus. Element: Air. Number: 0. Alias: The Madman. Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility. Physical Characteristics of a Scorpio.

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Cancer's character is the least clear of all signs of the zodiac. It tends to be melancholic, introverted and fearful of the future.

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That is why a Cancer prefers the security of the past and the family. The lack of aggression makes him less inclined to take initiatives and be swept away by action.

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  • They trust their intuition and are always willing to help. He or she does not like people who contradict them.

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    Cancer people are unorganized and have a tendency to be in a bad mood. At work they are creative and ambitious in their place of employment and they do not flee from risks and their great ability makes a Cancer succeed in many types of occupation, for example, journalists, writers, politicians, doctors and including public sector occupations. In love he or she is passive and sensitive and is very close to his or her mother and the family. Cancer needs a partner who will understand his or her sensitivity. In order for them to find someone, they have to have many interests in common, or that his or her partner is intellectually stimulating.

    They are romantics and are usually faithful but for the contrary, they are very emotional and often jealous.

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